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N4 doesn't exist anymore...
Thursday, December 27, 2007 at 12/27/2007 08:08:00 PM

It's really funny...
How some people can pretend nothing has ever happen.
You know i had frends which i thought we are veri close..
It's true that many times
in the past when i had problems they would be there for me
However, when many things do happen
And it drifted u apart.
We ain't true friends anymore...
But why is it that they never seem to understand it
Actually i dun even wanna hear her voice at all
i really think that she is selfish
the more i think abt her the more i
feel the hatred abt her

especially that line
"my mum is ok with ah bee they all she only dislike jimson"
when misunderstandings happen
and i got accused by her mum
she didn't help 2 clear the misunderstanding.
many times she said we should find 1 day
2 meet my mum and clear everything up..

easier for her to say..
but how do we do it?
anyway the misunderstanding had never been clear...
many times after that incident happen
she invited me over to her house.
BUT had she spare a thought on how i would feel f i see her mum again.

NO she didn't..
I made every excuse not to go out with her.
NOT because i didn't wanna gif her a chance
but knowing my character,
the more i see her.
the more i feel irritated with her...
so no point...

Anyway she always had a reason to defend for herself
but i really think that she haven been thru much in life.
if she had she would be more understanding to
my feeling...

So if u ever come and see my blog.
The biggest favour u ever can do is
dun call me out anymore...

Because u never even bother to send a message
asking how am i during last 4-6 months..
so why bother calling me out.
pls dun give excuses like "i'm busy"
No matter how busy
u can still send a sms..
it won take more den a min to type how are u?
am i right?

besides every time hear ur voice
i will remember that INCIDENT where
i got misunderstood...
It NEVER leave my mind
i thought it would fade away.
but apparently it didn't!
It's killing me!
i tried to hide it inside
but whenever u call me...
it comes up again

maybe ur mum is insensitive about others feeling
that's y you are also like that i guess?
u can say no... but i heard enough abt u
to know that u are insensitive to even ur close friends feeling

Pls be grateful for what u hv...
Jocelyn and shermain are a veri good friends
they always find a way to accept u
even if sometimes they are angry with u.
but i cant do that..

maybe in the past yes...
but after that incident i couldn't...
I'm sorry..
but i rather we not be friends anymore...

because N4 can no longer exist
and for jocelyn and shermain

That's all i wanna say...
thanks and i'm really glad that we were once such a close friends
it's a good things god bought all of u into my life b4
we really had many good memories
i mean it!

but it's really time to say good bye...

A real friend is some 1 that walks into ur life
when the whole world walk out of your life.
Friendship is supposed to be a sweet responsibility
but never an opportunity
sometimes people never noe how special someone is until the leave
But maybe it's impt to leave
so that person knows how to cherish friends around her more...
I once feel this way(pls watch the video)
But now i realise nth last forever unless u maintain it well...

Life is a song and I'll play for you.