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I'm sorry
Tuesday, January 15, 2008 at 1/15/2008 11:15:00 PM

(p.s. play the song before u read on)

I am sorry gal

sorry for things i said
maybe i was too blunt and i apologise for that
but i really meant well

u might not say it out
but from your facial expression i can see
i can see that u might not like what i say
maybe that is why u are telling me lesser things now

I thought ...
i thought u need advice
but i guess what u really need is a listening ear

But girl whateva happens
pls dun be unhappy with ur life
u are blessed
born in a family with mum and dad
who love u so well

U are blessed with many friends who loves u too
U need time to search for true friends.
But with ur character u can surely find 1
it's juz a matter of time really

maybe that's y they say god is fair
u have all the good things
so now u need to fight for love
but it'll all be worth it :)

gal i really wish u really smile from ur heart again
ur smile is no longer that bright smile anymore
it's something that u juz stick it on
u might not realise it
but i cant see the glow in u anymore
i really missed the old u!

for friends who love u
for family who loves u
for your future love who loves u
u need to be happy because
We are all worried for u right now

do u noe something?
u are very very fortunate
i really envy u
u are not only pretty
u have a character that shines
u have family who loves u so much
u know it rite?
I know u do

but i had none of this
i had to fight so hard
but no matter how i fight
what do i have?
i only have annie and you and jia yi
who understands me

But u are different :)
u have many friends
but u need to let things grow first
u cant rush things
and if everything fails u always have home to run to

but me?
if let say i lost all my friends?
i can only run to myself
because i got nth else

whenever i think abt all these
i cry myself to sleep
i might seem happy with my life
but then
i dun even have the most impt thing in life
they are not friends.

it's family
but because i dun have it
so friends become the most impt

but gal u have a great family
and 1 day u will have great friends and love too
u juz have to work hard for it
not everything comes to u for free
so pls dun be unhappy with ur life

u can think life's tough
u can regret things you've done
u can grumble how life suckz
but u cant be unhappy with life
because if u are unhappy with it
den u will lose ur drive to work hard to make ur life happy

My life is tough
and i grumble how life's not fair
but seriously compared to others i noe mine life is not so bad
at least i am born in singapore with food and water to live

imagine others who are born
not only with no family but oso no food and water?
how much do they have to suffer?
whenever u are unhappy?
try thinking of others so much worst?

i am not trying to be naggy here
but gal i really hope u can smile like u used to be
it pains my heart to see u

i may nag at u
or even scold u
but girl i dun mean it
i juz hope u be happy

if u ever need some 1 to talk to
i dun have to be the first
but as long as it can make u feel better
u can call me
u can ask me to shut up
and be a good listening ear
i would do it as long as u feel better

if u would be happier u can even talk to other ppl
but girl
i hope u really fight hard to try to be happy again
u control things around u to be happy life
not let things control u

cos u will neva be happy if u let things control u

whatever it is be happy girl
we, friends and family will be there for u
cos we love u for who u are

girl and once again i'm sorry to make u feel unhappy with my words

Life is a song and I'll play for you.