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I miss Jia Yi
Thursday, February 28, 2008 at 2/28/2008 01:07:00 PM

Jia Yi.. Suddenly i miss you
If u are reading this now..
My heart feel so heavy...
Jia yi...
Am i being retarded?

Anyway I am going 2 get my medical report later..
Abit scare i got some illness
end up cant get the course i wanted..

He told me yest that he wanted to call me
but he didn't
And i asked him why
He said that
Because he was Quarreling with his gf
And he was so hot that he 4 got abt me..

I am forgotten..
Why does it always end this way
why am i always the forgotten 1
regardless of how much i do
I admit i didn't do really much
But at least i am always being reasonable
BUT why is he treating me like a rag..
He only remembers me when he needs me
Other wise i am forgotten..

I read a blog juz now
a guy had died..
and after he died, the girl maintain a blog
in memories of him..
It's touching but sometimes a little fake
BUt if it is really true
I think the girl should have let go
cos he is neva coming back
BUT i understand perfectly that
sometimes it juz isn't easy to let go..

But seriously, when will my love come?
and when will him reciporcate my love for him..
I seriously hope that that some 1 who comes into my life
in the near future
would love me for who i am
and not how i look..
I had missed too many good guys in my life
but i'm sorry maybe we are neva meant to be
But i really really hope that..
some day i will be like that girl
filling him in a blog dedicated to him
our memories..
With him alive that is..

I think i shall stop here..
wouldn't want to pollute my blog with
emo stuffs haha..

Life is a song and I'll play for you.