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A retard encounter
Thursday, February 21, 2008 at 2/21/2008 01:54:00 PM

I've learn something 2 day...
i was in irc in a chanl where the ppl there are mostly in their late 20s-40s
there was this person in late 30s it's a woman
and she say that she wanna go out with some 1 good looking
so guyA asked her
Do u only go out with some 1 good looking?
then guyB defended the gal saying it's not wrong to have her expectation..
and the gal started saying i am shallow so what?

i mean what is wrong wit these ppl?
Guy A merely asked the gal whether she only go out with good looking guys
and they get all tensed up and sensitive?
mind u... they are already in their late 30s...
not some teenager like me...

so i was so turned off before i leave i told them
I was surprised that ppl in this chanl are so sensitive and childish. I thought ppl here can do much better that this.
And i left the chanl..

so in my own chanl #muackz some 1 say i shouldn't say those things...
i said that i juz wanted to wake them up..
they are being too sensitive...
and he said because older ppl have seen too many bad guys out there...
so they think things in a negative way...
but it's ridiculous right?
there are nice ppl out there u can't condemn every 1 because of some bad ppl u encountered..

The guy started saying that ppl tends to think they are never in the wrong..
and i said that i agree.. when u are angry or at that instant u will think that u are right
however when u calm down and reflect they should understand that it takes 2 hands to clap... sadly for them they dun understand it.. that is why they dun grow..

and the funny part is the guy reply me
we dun grow any more cos we are too old to grow
see how childish these ppl ar?

u can see any kind of ppl in this world
and what he juz says had proven his stupidity to me..


Life is a song and I'll play for you.