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I HATE Being compared!!!!
Sunday, March 30, 2008 at 3/30/2008 07:08:00 PM

I am quite pissed off now..
was browsing friendster..
anyway u all know that in my friendster shoutout I posted
"I am FAT and UGLY I'm never the girl i look like
in pictures.. Pls tell me u wanna noe me for who i am
and not how i look like. Btw I'm not emo
I just want ppl in friendster to know who they are befriending
I love myself :)"

Anyway i have already explained many times
I am not emo i juz want ppl to know who
they really are befriending..
and i am not wrong what..
i am really fat :)

Den i went to view who viewed me
there's this girl
my secondary school friend
she's oso quite fat..
and i see her shout out posted
"I am ah bui but i'm happy."
Not that i am trying to be sensitive..
But right after she viewed me she change her shoutout..
I feel that she's trying to follow me
or compare me and her..

because she had been like this all the while
comparing me and her
Evertime when she got the news that i went clubbing
the first thing she ask is
" what avier wear?"
"nice ant?"
things like that..
I know i should feel flattered

BUT the thing is I don't like to be compared with!!!
And other case oso?
why do ppl juz like to compare themself with me?
because u are confident..
Maybe they are just jealous...

But the thing is confidence comes from within..
You have to be confident to be happy..
my aim is to BE HAPPY..
my aim isn't to be the prettiest fat girl on earth
so there's really no need to compare
besides each is good in its own way..

If u wanna compare
you won be able to stop comparing..
I noe some times ppl have to compare in order to upgrade urself..
but shouldn't u compare in a good way?
and not trying to follow me?
and then be jealous of me?

I may sound stupid now..
because u might think
that i have no right to stop what ppl does..
but i juz hope that
i am not always the target for
plump girls to compare..

PPL say i like ur confident
i like ur these
i like ur that..
but did they ever reflect that
some times their life is better den me
but i didn't say anything?
we have to be happy with what we have
and not compare with what u dun have
cos this way u will NEVER be happy..

I repeat NEVER be happy..
so grow up ppl!
this is for every 1!
do not compare abt what u dun have
in fact cherish and treasure what u have..
This is the way to be happy :)

as for confident?
u wanna learn how 2 be confident?
i can teach u..
juz ask.. dun compare me :)
thank u..
anyway the first step to confidence is..
Ignore what others say..
do what u want to be happy..
u can't please everyone..
the first person u should please is YOURSELF :)

Life is a song and I'll play for you.