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My life is a blank
Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 3/18/2008 09:22:00 PM

I'm feeling real bored now..
I was reflecting when i realise how blank my life is
Every 1 is busy working..
Making money
Or even going to sch studying
but me?

I couldn't help realizing that my life is
nth but blank pieces..
Even if i wanna go out it isn't possible..
Because of severe lack of money..

What should i do?
i really feel that i'm useless...
always doing nth..
there's no excitement at all

been doing the same old things over and over again
that feeling sucks!!!
Anyway i read something inspiring today

a woman and a man had a child
That is their only child
1 day the man had a bottle of medicine
he put it on the table and asked his wife to keep it inside the drawer
the woman was busy inside her kitchen hence she forgotten all abt it
The child being only 2 years old was curious with the bottle
so he open and drank it up..
but the bottle contained of poison which can only be for external use..
when the woman found him and send the poor boy to hospital
he was already dead.
the woman was devastated.
She knew how her husband would react.
Her husband had called her to keep the bottle of medicine but she didn't
Guess what her husband says when he reached home?
and what's the purpose of the story?

ANS: When her husband was back, he simply say
I will always be here with u
MORAL: The husband know that there's no point in blaming
her after the incident had happened. Because the woman
loves her son as much as the man. Besides the man
realise that if he had take a few minutes to keep the bottle
the accident wouldn't have happen. No point blaming
his wife and making her feel remorseful. because her son
death is already a veri sad thing to happen.
He should give her his support.
That is why he said i will always be here for me.

I agreed with this totally..
People always blame others when things happen..
But never did they realise
that it takes two hand to clap..
since it already happen we should not blame each other.
we should juz try to salvage the situation
or give each other support...
because the situation won change for the better
no matter who or what u blamed..

we should really reflect on these..

Life is a song and I'll play for you.