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Sunday, March 2, 2008 at 3/02/2008 01:19:00 AM

hmmm.. what a tiring day to day..
Went back to NP to do some shooting for SCC
I'm the Antagonist..
All of us are doing the same thing..
PPl so beautiful on screen
I have to do all the retard stuff -.0
Bad life..

And randomly we talk abt Sprained leg..
Jia min: I remember i had to help carry u to take cab..
Avier: Did u?
Jia Min: OMG! u 4got! How could you! I am Involved in helping them carry u to the cab you know!
And she began nagging nonstop!
Avier: OK FINE!!! I'l put ur name in my blog today! To thank u for carrying me to the cab with the
Help of OTHERS!
Jia min : You say de hor! Put the whole entry about me..
and remember to put my pictures!

So here I am FORCED to put this entry down!
But anyway thank u la..
you so skinny still muz help carry 1 fat girl haha

Juz got settled down..
Having a veri bad cramp now
thanks to that aunty that visits me every month -.-
Causing me so much pain!
I better rest early got to shoot again tml!

Hmm i feel so much better after talking to jia yi..
I have to persevere..
haha I'm having dejavu again..
I had been having many dejavu recently!
Hmmm.. i got a hunch something is happening soon
not a good feeling though...

Life is a song and I'll play for you.