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I feel guilty!!!
Thursday, May 1, 2008 at 5/01/2008 12:50:00 AM

I pon school today -.-
i know i'm not supposed to
but will I've did it !

So i went SCC today!
and OMG it's SOO SOO pack!!!
and the freshies are damn ruthless in their comment
for mothly performances.

U guys know about the girl
Evonne. I said that she's a hypocrite
U knw i tried hard to 4get abt her
trying to be friend with me
but behind me say bad stuff.
I really tried u know!
Everyday i go home
I think about the feeling of being
boycott and every time i wonder if i should
juz 4get about it.

BUT Evonne things u do turns me off.
First u asked your friends
to ask us go ITE east and "talk" things out
den when ppl not willing to do so
u call police and say ppl scold vulgarities in ur blog
and u feel offended?
I really salute u!
The only thing i scold inside is bitch
and u know what?
i am juz replying ur friend that so what if i'm a bitch
cos i think u not fit to even be one
if u find this offensive
and u wanna volunteer to be a bitch tell me
i will say what u want.
And i oso don want to continue this stupid fight.
Because we are gonna face
each other for 2 years
But if u want to talk and settle things
Den we talk in school juz the 2 of us
don later tell ppl i wanna fight with u
and call police.
haha. which i think quite silly.
If u want a fair person to be there.
u can involve any teacher.
ask them be withness
that we really talk things out.
Because I am afraid u go around tell
people that i wanna meet u in school for a 1 on 1 fight
cos i won be able to clear my name.

So if u wanna settle any dispute
yeah feel free to come find me in school
juz don do little actions like
calling police and said we scold vulgarities
when it's ur friend who started threatening us.
Thank u.
So if u wanna talk things out
I shall see u on Monday in school..
and again i emphasized
no violence
cos we are all adults
and only childish people with no EQ
resort to gang fight.
And u are a future early childhood teacher
I'm sure u have EQ right?

haiz sian
i literally lost my voice
I missed all the peeps in SCC sia.
and jia yi!
i never 4 get u ok!!!
ok i shall stop here...
talk to you guys soon

Life is a song and I'll play for you.