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my decision
Saturday, April 5, 2008 at 4/05/2008 11:15:00 PM

ok.. Recently I'm confused..
over r/s stuffs..
OK.. I'll start with some overview stuff first..
There's two guys after me currently.
first 1 we'll call him LOST
second 1 we'll call him ALPHA

LOST had been after me for quite sometime..
But we only met each other recently la..

And i have to say..
I like your attention..
I like it when you hold me during rainy days
in case i fall..
And importantly I like it whenever
you talked to a girl
you will tell me who is that girl and stuffs
It gives me a sense of secure..

I hate it when you hold me too much
I hate it when u insisted what u want
even after i say no..
u know that if u insist u will get ur way
cos it's my weakness
and u use it on me
i don't like that..
cos i feel that u dun gif me enough respect

Now about ALPHA
he's only been after me recently..

I like you for being a gentlemen.
treating me stuff and such..
though i return u the money.
but i like it when u do that... It's sweet..
I like you when u respect me..

I hate it when u cant even answer simple question
to whether u are serious in me or as a fling
I hate it whenever u dun want to ans my call
or talk to me u off ur mobile..
Maybe u had ur reason
BUT i don't care..

Compare the two of them

ALPHA is good looking..
and he offers to pay for everything..
Of course.
i dun believe guy SHOULD pay for everything
but at LEAST he has to offer..
because it shows some sweetness..
and i agree i waiver because he's good looking
stand a higher chance..

BUT looks isn't everything..
the fact that he even needs to think
whether he is serious with me
turns everything off..
I don't ask much
i don't need promises.
i don't need him to love me forever.
i juz need an assurance..
to tell me he's serious in me..

LOST loses at looks..
But the thing is he can give me assurance..
through his actions..
he may be acting it out or whatever..
but i don't care..
i FEEL it..
that's important..

i don't know..
I always feel he doesn't give me enough respect..
it freaked me out..
he's abit touchy
(not purposely touched ur breast or
what juz touchy hope u all noe what i meant)

that freaked me out oso..
AND the thing is
when i told him there's a competitor
he juz told me
if u are meant to be mine u will be mine..

but i dun need u to tell me big talks
cos i think i can do better..
i need u to feel jealous
not act nonchanlant..
I am a girl
i need what a girl wants
when u said that.
It just shows to me you don care..

I have been feeling fustrated..
But now i noe who i want to choose..
I rather give up both..
Than picking some 1 that is wrong..
because i WANT a serious r/s..
of course
i am telling u guys here..
so if u all still wanna go after me
i'm fine :)
but if u all think i am too picky and u wanna give me up
it's fine too :)

BUT every girl got their expectation..
i am jus stating mine..
I don't need u to be rich and VERI good looking..
i just need u to have the right attitude towards how u treat me :)
I don't want to live in regret
and end up both party.
ME an YOU getting hurt

so yup..
I'll stop here..
continue or give up it's up to u guys..
I'm going to take a bath le..

Life is a song and I'll play for you.