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Updates on 26 April
Sunday, April 27, 2008 at 4/27/2008 11:45:00 AM

I forgot to blog yesterday
so i shall blog about it today then.
Since today I'll be staying home the
rotting :(

Yesterday i went on a date
out with KeVal..
not really a date but since he wants me back
so yup..
He need to rush back to camp by 3.30
so we just eat and catch a movie.

We had LJS
Then after that we went for the movie
which starts at 11.30
well it's not as nice as i thought
it would be
but it's definitely GROSS!
they open up the heart
and u get to see the organ still moving
that picture is still in my mind!

So after the movie
He went back home to prepare
while i went to simei ite
for the audition in GREASE
Before that i called annie and asked her
how to walk to the ite from
simei MRT.
And since she's going out
I managed to see her
OMG! I missed her so much!!!

So after seeing her i proceeded to simei ite
And i was so nervous when i went in
but still i put on a bright smile
and act as if i'm confident.
Here's the dreadful part :(

The "judge" asked me
what song are u planning to sing.
and i said I'm singing a Chinese song.
she asked, can u sing an English song?
But I'm not very good at English songs.
However i still tried
so i sang perhaps perhaps perhaps
and i haven even sang half she asked me to stop
and sing Chinese instead.
My Chinese part they were impressed with my high notes
cos it was really strong (that's what they say)
but my low notes i sort of juz sing it through
like as if i don wanna sing it.
the pianist is right!

So the teacher said that
she is ok with me
just that i need to work on my articulation.
so yup.

and after that we went dancing.
it's upon 3
i think i get 1 1/2
but there's 1 guy really cute!
and he wishes me good luck!
so fortunate!

ok when i went back home!
i received a sms saying that
i got into the audition for GREASE!!!
yay! so happy!!!
that's all..

talk to u guys next time!

Life is a song and I'll play for you.