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3 more days to BirtHdaY!!!!
Saturday, May 17, 2008 at 5/17/2008 02:35:00 PM

I was reading blogs when i came across this blog.
go take a look.
He had many nice post and
some u really can agree to
It will start u thinking.
There is this post
which caught my attention.

Never Start a Relationship So Soon As That Will Kill It Faster

So from this title u know what it is roughly to be like.
and i DO agree with what he says.
he said that before starting a r/s
they should know each other first and be friends
the longer the better till they become best of friends.
then they will last longer.
but to me this is a fairy tale.
Of course there are some who last
but it's minority.

People always rushed into r/s.
But i personally feel that Sometimes they tried it
because they feel that why not give it a try.
maybe we might last.

I used to carry this mentality.
But i sorted it out. Because Whenever u just try.
U don't even know him well!
His habit? His likes and dislikes?

when quarrel arises.
You cant solve it
So i agree we should really take things slow.
NOt just rushed into it after a few weeks.
BUT i do not agree that after u guys become best friend.
Then u start the r/s.
Because what if u guys broke up?
It's really sad to lose a best friend.

Because u guys are best friend.
There is Some one who understands u,
Know how to make u happy and many more.
BUT because of the strain r/s u guys are no more friends.
It is such a waste isn't it?

Again u may say they can still be friends.
But i always believe once there is this strain in any form of r/s.
u friendship wouldn't be like the past.
It will NEVER get better.

Also, When u know some1 too well before starting a r/s then.
THere is no element of surprise in it.
your r/s will be like a smooth journey.
NO bumps here and there.
Then what's the use or r/s?
In a r/s there are many obstacles.
For us to overcome.
when we cant overcome it.
we break up!
and we say bye bye to our loved ones.
BUT if we can over come it!
our r/s had rise up to another level.
That's the best part of being in a r/s.
BUT if u 2 were to be close friends.
U already know all these.
because u know each other so so well to avoid conflict.
To do what pleases your other half.
Then where is the element of surprises?

SO i think the best thing is,
Get to know the person first.
Understand what type of person he/she is.
Just briefly understand there's no need to be friends,
and know that person for half a year before starting a r/s.
To me just try to understand what type of person he / she is.
For like 2-4 months?
NOT just start chasing or accepting the person because of how he/she look.
Or how much u want to be in a r/s.
Because u will never get a lasting r/s.

Of course i am just sharing my view :) so no offense :)

Life is a song and I'll play for you.