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5 more days to my birthday :)
Thursday, May 15, 2008 at 5/15/2008 06:03:00 PM

Today is not really a good day
But oh well fuck it!

But i really have to comment.
Every where u go u see hypocrite.
And she is damn good at denying her words
making me sound like i am saboing her
well if that's the case
it's ok.
I have to admit i am pissed at first.
but i think through it.
TIME will prove everything.
BUT it's a sad case for u
We are just a group of ppl going out to sing
having the passion of singing
Do u think all these is necessary?
I definitely don't think so
But if u think u will be happier this way.
good luck lady.
because while u are lecturing me
do look at yourself :)

I had a bad start in school today!
i overslept in the bus and end up
i have to alight at JUNCTION 8
I know it's no big deal!
BUT the travelling distance from J8 is a little further!
BUT the important part is i am on a verge of shitting!
so i rushed to the school
Trying to find a toilet!
and sadly enough
i tried 3 toilets but NONE have toilet paper!
i was like OMG!
and i am pissed!
In the end..
I had to bear for 2 hours
before going to shit!
and Whoa!
and I finally get the pleasure of shitting.

warning : do not take shitting for granted!
enjoy every moment!
because u might never know when u wanna shit
but u couldn't!
the feeling sucks!!!

Today at Petrina's class
I had a bit of argument
with DON DON
because of the topic we need to choose for the presentation.
They wanted to do virtual r/s
BUT i am not a gamer
cos i know nth of it.
Then i won have anything to present.
Then i said to him,
he says u normally present liao
we present la!
i was like each and every 1 of us is expected
to present at least 5 slides
if not i will get 0
and he doesn't get it -.-
BUT the matter is solve!
we decided to do on cults!!!
and now we are OBSESSED with satanic!
whatever we do
we relate to them!
damn crazy la!
BUT it was fun!!!

Basically that's about all for today's event!
so yup!
not a fantastic day!
but at least it's full of activities!

Life is a song and I'll play for you.