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Continuation of the post just now.
Monday, May 12, 2008 at 5/12/2008 10:46:00 AM

Actually i Got Nothing to say
But somebody lead me with something to say
and I am a little pissed now.

This person call wei qi came up in msn
and say:
Next time don't ask if
me and *Alan are together.
We both don't feel too good about it!

Then i was like
I didn't know u got bf
if i know i wouldn't be that stupid to ask.
Then she said: good.
Den i say: Anyway if u all don't want people to
talk about u
den don't stick so close to avoid misunderstanding la.
Den she say
We are close but just friends.

TO me: You all have to pay responsible for your own actions.
You guys stick so close
sure people will misunderstand.
Den when people asked
u say u don't feel too good.
i mean misunderstanding ought to happen.
If u have a clear conscience
DEN what for don't feel good?

Besides i am JUST asking.
I did not go around telling people
so do stay cool and relax.

Because i don't like to be ordered around.
I mean if u were to ask me nicely say
can u don't drag me and *Alan together
i don't mind.
But u type like i know u damn well
and i HAVE to oblige what u say.

Besides Yesterday in msn
U don't seem unhappy about me talking about u and Alan
U asked so many questions.
Den today say you don't feel good.
I'm sorry wei qi
but your actions doesn't fit your word

once again.
You don't want people to misunderstand.
Den don't stick so close
If u wanna stick close
then be COOL about it.

*name had been changed and for the other 1 i will not change because yeah i AM talking about u.
Too bad

Life is a song and I'll play for you.