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Sunday, May 4, 2008 at 5/04/2008 10:41:00 PM

Firstly i would wanna
apologise to my grp J2ABCD!
I was supposed to be back
for a meeting online
But i forgotten!
Really sorry!!!

Ok !
today so so la!
went out today with nan
we went bugis
eat steamboat for lunch
was like damn full till cant walk la!

Den after that we went to watch movie
Guess what did we watch?
The forbidden kingdom!!!
haha.. that sparrow damn chio la!
very oriental!

But due to somethings
i was quite disappointed today.
But i cant say..
and i'm waiting for a call
but it's not here yet
which makes me even more disappointed.

Haiz! ya i am short tempered!
but am trying to change!
short temper is my weakness and
it will cause me to fail deeply in life!
it's something i have to overcome!
so jia you avier!!

u can do it!

Life is a song and I'll play for you.