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A great day yesterday!!!!
Thursday, May 22, 2008 at 5/22/2008 06:16:00 PM

Went back to NP for SCC yesterday!!!
AND i got a surprise!!!
SEE the strawberry short cake above?
It's for ME!!!
AND omg!!! it was so so delicious!!!
The whole SCC sing for me!!
so touched!!! T.T
BUT I'm not the only 1.
Hui yi birthday falls on Yesterday.
And hers was black forest!!!
so nice la!!
BUT sadly my cake fall down!!!
and it became squashed cake.
we ate the part that doesn't land on the floor.
and I'm sad.
Jia yi, May be u can consider buying me the same cake
since it's so delicious!!
And really really have to thank the
main com and those who helped them
cos yeah!
u guys made my day!!!
but many mistaken my birthday was yesterday!!
but oh well!
it's ok!!!
i shall forgive u guys!!
nth much to post le.
go play games! tata!!

below are some of my zhi lian pics! wahaha!

say cheese!!!!

I need a BIG WET kiss :x
I look sweet here! I KNOW!!! :p

Life is a song and I'll play for you.