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I'm becoming famous.
Friday, May 2, 2008 at 5/02/2008 11:36:00 PM

Didn't go school once again
got a bad headache
cough and sore throat.
I know ICB misses me!

Afternoon went to kenneth(cousin) House
to tutor him.
since his exam on monday..
Just came back home
and i am damn damn tired
Tml got to attend the voluntary work
and I'm looking forward to it!

Hey! I'm so happy!
I didn't know that
by saying my self attractive i got so
much attention.
be it good or bad i don really care.
But WOW! i got the most attention from that post
becoming more and more famous haha.
It's just so Just so funny..
when u see a simple thing
can produce so many different perspective.

Oh well,
That's life.
And in life
We shouldn't change
because of other's passing remarks
That is how u get your self confidence.
So when people put u down and say
u sucks.
Don't care..
There are people out there who thinks that u are great.

So Xue ting.
Don't because of what one person say
and u start giving up on singing.
It isn't worth it!
live for yourself.
People say that i shouldn't say myself
attractive because it cracks them up.
It's a disturbance
but does it matter?
what matter is I'm happy with what i said!

so once again.
*avier is an attractive girl*
way to go baby!
And Xue ting don't EVER give up
on your singing!
because with more practise u can be good!
I have confidence in u!
so u must have it too!

ok gtg now tml got to wake up
damn damn early!

Life is a song and I'll play for you.