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Saturday, May 3, 2008 at 5/03/2008 11:17:00 PM

I'm so happy today!
Did something to myself.
But I'm keeping it in suspense till it's time.

Remember i have some voluntary work?
yup went to help
and once again!
i saw the geeky cute guy again!
But he cut his hair not geeky le!
haha but nonetheless!
when i see him i still blush!

I played with the child and ya!
those that are 8- 12 mths
are still trying to crawl and walk!
and some are faster then the others!
and they are ALL so cute!
Then we worked with some of the part timers there
But picture is with don don -.-
And he is too lazy to transfer
so yup too bad..

And tell u guys something exciting!
before going home
we got some doubts need to clear with
So i called him!
and he answer and we cleared our doubt.
I thought he would juz hang when he said
are u avier?
i am like ya how do u know.
He replied i just guess.
And he starts asking me whether i can cope
and when will be my next time
going back again!

I am so happy!
although it's nth grand!
but some 1 that u lust after
is asking u things u never expect!
It juz makes me feel good!!!

wahah! ok la
shall stop here
talk another time!

Life is a song and I'll play for you.