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We Gone our separate ways And think that's the best way...
Saturday, May 24, 2008 at 5/24/2008 12:40:00 AM

Today It's not a very good day after all.
so for Petrina's Presentation we separated.
And I'm pissed.
But I'm not pissed that U changed Your mind :)
Don't worry.
I understand perfectly that when u do more of those things
U might feel uneasy
hence u don't want to talk about it.
Even though i sound harsh i apologize.
The main reason of me being pissed is
I realised that some 1 in our team
is not being truthful at all.
And I really fear that this will lead to another backstabber case.
If u are unhappy
U say..
Don't show me a black face
and treat as nth happen.
I rather we talk things out
then only know u are angry with me
and stuff through your blog.
The worst thing is
U always make me the one that look bad.
U were unhappy with the group member as well
for not doing any work.
BUT u did not even voice it out.
U only dare to say u hate her infront of me
even when the authorities asked about it.
U say nth.
then after that there u go complaining again..
And the way u deal thing.
It scares me.
Because i dunno when i will be the one that gets BANG
and say bye bye.
And u guys were the one wanting the topic
and u're oso the ones that wanna cancel the topic.
I just don't want research to go to waste.
if u are unhappy
don't stand there and give me a black face.
I know sometimes i am very harsh for my words
BUT i am never good with words
BUT i can at least say
I can answer to what ever i say
how about u?
saying this but your actions prove otherwise.
ALL i want is the best for my group.
Because this results stays for us for YEARS
if u don't want to enter poly.
Tell me.
Cos i want, I won tolerate the work to be done hastely.
so I'm sorry if u feel I've been controling.
Maybe i should watch my words.
BUT again all I want is the best for our works.
And once again.
If u still think that we are friend
the LEAST u can do is
be truthful in ur feelings
cos we are your friends not your foes

went to scc just now.
practice our song for mp.
and i think i did pretty well.
didn't go off beat too much
and manage to reach the keys.
now i need to work on the quality of my voice.
Haiz went to eat dinner with gary they all.
and i waste money on cab
BUT no choice.
I missed my last bus.
GOT to take before midnight charge.
:( sad..
That money wasted..

anyway had a tiring day today!
tml need to attend grease.
so I'm sleeping soon!
TATA all!!!

Life is a song and I'll play for you.