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What is the opposite of LOVE?
Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at 5/07/2008 10:31:00 PM

OK! just back from tutoring kenneth!
PHEW! finally!
I have been tutoring him 3 days non stop
and now it's time to rest!
haha! so happy!
And he did something nice.
After teaching him,
He passed me a drawing.
of me and him
and he drew a speech bubble.
It says: Thank you for coming after school
everyday to teach me for my exams
I was touched T.T

OK back to what happened today.
Went to macperson ITE for a principal talk.
I SLEPT through the WHOLE talk!
cos it was sooo boo-or-ing.
But when it was some inspirational talk
I was lived up once again.
And one particular sentence caught my attention

What is the opposite of love?

It's not hate u know?
It's indifference.
When u don't even care anymore.
which sadly for my family
it works that way.
the speaker was saying that he quarrelled with his
son very often
But one day,
his son told him somethin nice.
daddy, not bad,
the speaker asked why?
We always quarrel
The son replied well at least we quarrel.
that means we interact some people don't even quarrel.

I agreed totally with him
the amount of time i talk to my dad
can be counted.
i only talk to him when i need money.
i go: Pa i need money.
tata! that's all!
pathetic right?
But what can i do?
haiz that's all
I'll stop here
sleepin soon!

Night night

Life is a song and I'll play for you.