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Don't mess with the Zohan
Monday, June 30, 2008 at 6/30/2008 10:32:00 PM

Don't mess with the Zohan!

Met Up with shermain today :)
Talk some stuff update some stuff.
And hope our talking will bring us closer :)
We caught Don't mess with the Zohan today.
The show was great.
I was really touched by the last part.
The Arabian said I hate it when ppl dislike us just because
of some terrorist and they treat us like terrorist.
The Iraqis said I understand. Ppl dislike us because they think we are u.
And they gave up their fighting and regain peace.

And this make me think.
Aren't we like that too?
We like to judge.
There are some China people who are rude and whatever u can think of
But NOT all are like that.
There are some Islam who are crazy enough to do bombing and kill ppl
But NOT all are like that.
But The world never understand that.
Or rather the world will never want to believe that.
The world likes to judge.
Or i should say most like to judge.
And because of judging
some unnecessary conflict arises.
If only people will be more open minded maybe there won be any fights?

Maybe i am naive
But i seriously hope for world peace.

Anyway some random thoughts.
I tagged some ppl to do dome quiz.
1 of the question is 5 words to describe the person who tagged u.
1 of them was Confident (over confident)
But now i hope i am overconfident.
Because i cant seems to find my confidence back
after being together with dearest.
I kept thinking i am not good enough for him.
He might not be the most handsome guy.
He might not be the best guy on earth.
BUT seriously he is good.
Too good that I start thinking
Do i really deserve him?
Some 1 out there slimmer and prettier then me
Might suit him more.

Every time I went out with him
I cannot help thinking
People are saying
EEE~ Why that guy so no taste?
And this is killing me.
I know Dearest might not think this way.
BUT i cannot help thinking he might be
Embarassed because of the way i dress
Some one slap me and tell me
I'm thinking too much.
I always wanted to prove that FAT Girl doesn't deserve the worst guy.
BUT now i began to think he is too good for me.
But i want him to be there.
BUT the way i always say iam not good enough for him
might put him off soon.
I need his assurance.
But some how
I don't know
It isn't enough just from him.
When every one is giving us lewd glances
Dearest say don't care what others think
What's important is us.
Yeah that's what i always tell others.

I just don't know
what to do
what to think
and what to say anymore....

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

Sunday, June 29, 2008 at 6/29/2008 11:31:00 PM

A day with Dearest

Met Dearest at 10 plus at coffee shop
near my house to have Breakfast.
Then we proceeded to my house.
Reached home around 12 plus
and i felt so hot that i had to go take a bath.
So Dearest start using lappy to find movie.
When i came out from my nice bath
movie can be watched le!!!!

We watched Sex and the City first.
And seriously it wasn't as good as i thought it should be.
I thought it is supposed to be funny???
It's not very funny -.-
I ended up falling asleep
Luckily never watch at Cinema waste money.
And the rating should be N16
Because there's only alot of sex talk.
No action so 16 should be able to watch right?
After that we watch Kungfu Panda!
OOH~~ That was nice.
I only caught the show after Dearest watch 3/4 of it.
Dearest don mind rewatching but nah.

After that we went out at around 4 plus.
Went to Downtown East.
Nth there slacked there till 6.
Dunno how we did it.
After that went to have dinner and took some photo of Dearest.

He's shy at first.
Camwhoring start kicking in
RELEASED!!!! Look so cute right? He's yearning for my kiss haha!
ok i am not supposed to upload this :p

After that we spend 1hour plus at Central.
Just sitting down listening to song
and behave like a mad person.
And we somehow survive the day.
Went back home at 9
and took many pictures under my void deck
I passed the cam whoring virus to HIM!!!

After some toot picture of his
He decided to take off his specs.
Kissing? Nope he's not kissing me :(
My favourite pic of the day!!!
He's forcing me to stick close to him >.<
He look like a zombie -.- But what matters is i look good :p
Woot~ So handsome!!! HAHA!

OK that's all! TATA!

After all the cam whoring
He send me up
and I hugged him so tight that i don't want to let go.
Because he is starting school tml.
And his timetable so fuck up.
God knows when i will see him again?
I cant bear to leave him *tear drop*
But oh well still have to part
so we bid each other a goodbye kiss .
Now I'm missing him :(
NVM! I'll see him soon i guess :)

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

Saturday, June 28, 2008 at 6/28/2008 09:27:00 PM

Hey thanks ar..
I have to do this quiz because of jiayi
ok here goes..

1. Have you ever loved someone?
I'm not really sure now. Maybe i like them ant but not to the
extent of love i guess?

2. Who is more important to you? friends or bf?
Definitely friends. Because Bf only stick around for sometime. BUT if u asked me husband then it'll be a diff case.

3. Who are the people you trust the most?
Seriously I don't trust them with ever single thing. BUT The people i trust ALOT are Jia yi and Annie

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
Yup! So much that i wonder did i have too much confident? But it's better then none :) So i decided to fuck it what matters is I'm happy :)

5. What do you think of YOURSELF?
I'm fine as who i am. Just need to go slimmer and be less straight forward and more tactful with words and bla bla bla. So much more. Like they say one always ask for more. but am happy with the way i am now :)

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
I believe :) BUT provided there's sunsine. Same goes for you guys. Whenever u see storm in you :) Tell yourself that there will be rainbow if there is sunshine in you :)

7. What is your goal for this year?
SLIM DOWN!!!! And last long with dearest. Clear ALL my debts :(

8. Do you believe in eternal love?
*shake heads* There's only lust. Love is something to be build up and take care of eternally. That is what they call eternal love. BAKA!

9. What feeling do you love the most?
short and sweet :)

10. What are the requirements of your the other half?
Haha. It's hard and I shan't eloborate. Love me like i want him to :)

11. List the best moments in your life.
Secondary school days are the best. easily contented :)

12. What do you hate most?
Not sure? Don't reall have anthing to hate right now.
I'm an angel LOL

13. Between love and money?
I want both! YES I'm greedy!

14. What’s the most attractive things about a person to you?
Sincereity! It's the best thing ever!

15. Describe the person who tagged you using 5 words.
Tan Jia yi aka Ikana can be so HORNY, IRRITATING, THOUGHTFUL somehow INSENSITIVE when u know him long enough at times and GOOD LISTENER and most importantly! He's my BEST FRIEND EVER!!!!

16. Who can you not live without?
My friends. My family. My future husband.

17.If you have one wish now, what would you wish for?
richer and slimmer when i wake up tml.

18.What do you want most for your birthday.

19. Have I kept pets before?
Guppies, Goldfish,Hamster and bird

20. Do you believe in dreams come true?
Ya, provided it's realistic and u worked towards it!

Instructions: Remove 1 ques from above and add in your personal ques.
Make a total of 20 ques and tag 8 ppl.
List them out at the end of your post.
Notify them in your cbox!Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all

Question I removed;


Huimin add on…
What will you do if the life u’ve always wished for doesnt turn out the way u want it?

My answer: Sleep and wake up.

Xu Ping add on…
To what extend are you willing to do in order to get your loved ones love you?
My answer: Die. And its "extent" not "extend".

Naidatul Nadzirah bte Razali Abdullah Rahman add on...
What do you think of ponies?
They are earth's clever little genetic way of making an alternative choice of horses for children. No, I think they're cute.

Ikana add on...
Could you ever stop loving someone?

Avier add on...

If You and your loved ones were caught by alien or whatever and some 1 MUST die so that the other can survive what will you do?

I will want to die before him Because i cant bear the thought to be sad. At least he can be released and move on. I am not so sure abt me even though i seem strong.

8 people I am tagging:
1. Don Don
2. Hui Hui
3. Chin Yee
4. Mei Har
5. Zi Qin
6. Julee
7. Mas
8.Anyone that reads this.

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

Friday, June 27, 2008 at 6/27/2008 11:26:00 PM

Double Date

Went out with Annie and Dearest today!
It's been a long time since i see her
about a month?
I missed her so much!
And we still got the same chemistry between us!

Actually wanted to go on a double date
with her bf.
But her bf couldn't make it due to last minute work.
Oh well we decided to proceed with our plan.
But thanks to somebody
He woke up late:(
Supposed to meet at 2.30 he came at 4
and MIA for a long time by not replying
or answer the phone -.-
Thanks ar dear.

But anyway we still went to safra to Bowl.
BUT it was packed with student.
I think they are having CCA haha.
So nvm
we decided to pool
BUT safra only allows safra member to pool!
What is this nonsense?

So we ended up singing at party world.
which was quite ex!!!
BUT overall, not so bad!
enjoyed my day!
and can see that Annie and Dearest hit it off quite well :)
although it doesn't really matter
But i don't want my best friend hating my bf :)
Cos i love both of them!
But Annie still win Dearest ;x

I dunno if she is really not angry
But i was guilty like hell
said some harsh words.
I never really apologise before
But this time It's really my fault
and she's a friend I don't want to lose.
I don't have the guts to apologize personall
nor in the phone
So i chose to do it in msn.
Maybe some might think i am not sincere
BUT seriously it's hard for me to apologise
since I'm a stubborn BULL (horoscope)
At least now the stone is lifted off my heart

To: u know who u are :)
I seriously am very very very sorry
Of course if u don't forgive me
(I know u alredy forgive)
But just in case u don't
I still wanna tell u
sorry for not thinking before commenting.
BUT i was angry .
I need to change yeah and i am trying :)
so yeah.
Hope u don't take it to heart
and lastly
I'm sorry again :)

OK that's all for today going to bath now

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008 at 6/25/2008 10:01:00 PM

Seriously Today's plan isn't as well as i thought it should be.
Went to meet Dearest at AMK hub
and yeah he was late
late for half an hour.
Actually wanted to go some where nice.
But cant find a suitable place.
So we decided to play pool.
After lunch we walked to where the pool is located
But guess what?
The arcade close down -.-
So Dearest suggested we go sun plaza.
By the time we reach there it was already 3 plus going four.
And we stayed in the arcade for like 2 hour plus.
watch him play game
he teach me some games
then time passes so fast.
Maybe because I'm with him
That's why time seems to fly faster.
Anyway after that we went to have dinner.
And yeah went back home
quite boring ar?
first month ended this way.
quite sad
We had a little argument at Yishun Interchange
Not really argument
I just commented that
I don't sense or rather
i cant see from his action that he likes me.
And i start giving cold shoulder.
I was quite guilty afterwards.
Because It's the first time i saw him look so unhappy.
However, I'm unhappy now.
Because he said he couldn't send me back home.
His mum wants him home early tonight
But now he is with his friend.
Whatever !

Anyway I think that I'm thinking too much
For everything
I should just relax and enjoy each day.
Don't want to brood about anything anymore
just make my mood go
bla bla bla.

Anyway i gave him a card i make myself
show you guys!
I am so proud of myself
first time draw so nice haha!

Main cover draw and colour the bear myself :)
Second page
Last page. fara's idea. Thanks babe :)

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 at 6/24/2008 10:04:00 PM

Just received a call.
some 1 was asking about the projects
and at the same time confronted about what i wrote in blog.
Like i say in my post earlier.
ALL THOSE are just my thoughts.
BUT I decided to give benefit of the doubts.

So In case you guys misunderstood.
Hence I am here to clarify.
I did feel that it is too much of a coincidence
that every 1 has an emergency.
But like i say I give every 1 the benefit of the doubt.
So i ain't gonna brood over about it.
And I know that my words are harsh
But i am seriously angry while i was writing
because even though we are meeting at 1
I woke up early because the meeting place was quite far.
and suddenly the message i received was every1 cant make it.
If u took the effort to wake up early and stuffs so not to be late
and suddenly all cant come?
and u don't even know if it's true?
But anyway if your reasons for not coming to project
are true and not excuses
I sincerely apologise for saying things like that.
But if it is an excuse
then pls do reflect?
anyway like she says no hard feeling
we are facing each other for 1 yr plus
so it's not good if conflict arises yeah?

Anyway it's 26 more hour time to 1 month.
And i made something for dearest.
Seriously i cant wait to see his reaction.
But given his mentality
I think there will be no surprises from him
even if i reall hope so... haha

Somehow deep inside
I have the emptiness never had before.
Maybe I'm asking too much
Maybe I am thinking too much
But I cant help thinking
everything is so superficial
Including me
And I start to fear
fear that everything will come rolling back.
I thought i should watch my words
BUT I am watching so much
that i am becoming fake.

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

Monday, June 23, 2008 at 6/23/2008 11:32:00 PM

Mixture of angry and happy.

OK today I had a mixed feeling.
Earlier part of the day i was quite angry.
was preparing to meet up for proj
when fara sms me.
telling me that no 1 can make it except her.
I was like WTF!!?
However i went along and met her.
BUT i got to comment that the rest are very irresponsible.

I give them the benefits of the doubt though.
BUT seriously i don't think that
so many emergency can happen at 1 day.
ppl give reason that have to take care of grandma
I got sore eyes
and my aunt suddenly hospitalised.

To me I think it's irresponsible.
OK maybe sore eyes acceptable.
But then again the msg fara receive was at 2 am
so tell me?
your sore eyes come at 2 am?
u discover it at 2 am?
It's too sudden isn't it?
too sudden that i have doubts with it.

of cos take care grandma i know it's the truth.
I know her grandma condition change
u guys may think I am heartless
BUT i cant accept that.
so sorry.
Because we are only meeting like once a week.
and it's not like we are meeting for ages.
to me if u at least come for 1-2 hr to at least know what is going on
I don't mind.
but why the whole day u cant make it even if it's just 1 day?

There we go your aunt emergency hospitalised.
Should i believe it?
Yes i give u benefit of the doubt.
BUT I just CANT HELP thinking that
You don't want to come because others couldn't make it.

Whatever it is since it's over i shan't brood on it.
BUT the project we made it on monday
so the other days u guys can play.
BUT even that small little meeting u guys cant make it
then i dunno what to say.
But like i say i give u guys the benefit of doubt.
Please do show some effort :)

After much discussion we decided on the final toy.
We went to library after that.
and do some talking.
Julee was with us..
And yeah..
I had fun talking to them and i cant help but envy them
Untitled this grp have ppl that
u would wanna hold on tight for friends.
And come to think of it
I haven't had any good friends that i can
CONFIDE everything to.
In our class all the chinese are like.
what should i say?
together for the sake of together.
I don't know i just feel that somehow
some where ppl aren't being true in the click.
That includes me as well.
And We really need to have a talk out session
to talk things out
because that's what i feel is the best.

Anyway go to something good.
Met dearest at North Point after proj.
Wasn't expecting to watch movie
But dearest say wanna watch movie?
haha it's fine with me.
went to fun land to play some games till overshot time
ended up we only had 15 mins to eat
before show starts.
So we rushed to finish our dinner
and DADA!!!
Went to catch the movie The incredible Hulk.
It was quite nice!
I'll give it a 4/5 :)

After the show Dearest send me back home.
was quite surprised
Because i thought he can just go home
from North Point
saves him the hassle.
We reach my void deck
and took a few photos.

Love this pic the most!

The first shot was nice but dearest look horribe
hence force me to delete and now i look ugly -.-

I look fat I know.. But since he don't mind
haha fuck it then :p
Dearest look so geeky inside!! I find him so cute!!

I am counting down to wednesday!

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

Friday, June 20, 2008 at 6/20/2008 10:58:00 PM

I had a SPLITTING headache!!!!
It's so much better now!!!
ruined my mood -.-
BUT i am still happy to see dearest!
I missed him so much!!!

Time passes so fast
Dearest is on his way home now
We met at tpy with the intention of singing ktv
BUT we didn't because dearest misinterpret something
shan't elaborate since I'm lazy.

So we headed to AMK instead
and we watch movie at Jubilee.
We watched the show happening.
and oh my!!
The cinema is literally EMPTY
the only person alive is me and dearest.
so we talked like nobody's business throughout the show.

Some part of the show had some scary scene.
Dearest job is to see for me
and tell me what happen.
This is the first time I am in a cinema
with no one else.

After show we went to have dinner
at asian cafe.
we talked alot inside and on the bus.
Dearest asked me why i like him.
I told him.
But I ain't telling u guys
unless i want to tell you personally.
I asked him back the same question.
And he said because of my character.
and he said i am understanding.

WAIT till we stead longer.
I think he will take back his words.
Alright enough glabbering.
I want to call him and head to bed le.
Nite ppl!!!

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

Thursday, June 19, 2008 at 6/19/2008 10:48:00 PM

Hmmm Got a few things to update
Let's start with yesterday's event.
Met up with jia yi and meihar
and omg!!
I missed them!!!
Yesterday Jia yi and mei har wear couple shirt!
OK we rushed through our new song
BUT i just found out last night this mth no mp..
anyway i told jiayi i am starting to miss steve.
Steve called me but I missed it
so i called him back
after 5 mins he called back.
And the first thing he said is
You miss me right? -.- (ok i do miss you)
Miss my compliment right?

LOL ya i missed his compliment
missed his nonsense
missed his constructive comments
and most importantly i missed all the noise pollution he made.
something seems wrong when he isn't there
the surrounding seems so quiet.
But i think NS is a good training for him
I got a feeling NS is the place he will grow up
He lost his first time there.
Wonder what?
let him tell u guys ba.
AND he definitely will treasure his friends more now!!!
Hope his EQ will grow while he's inside

I am counting down to meet dearest!!!
Finall i will get to see him tml!
I don't know what stupid things i will do
if i see him tml!
but he's asleep already
but alright i 4 give him for sleeping early
since he's meeting me tml

Shall stop here!

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 at 6/17/2008 09:16:00 PM

I'm in a foul mood now!
Fucking foul mood!
I really hope my brother get thrown into the jail or boys home
whatever it is la..
I don't give a fuck !
Causing so much troubles
Just to make us worry for him.

I am really tired you know!
Tired that i have to take all these shit!
firstly, he never go work!
I have to fucking take in all the shit
his boss my ex boss
will msg me and stuff
However i don't blame the boss la
I intro him in it's my fault..

Then complaint arises!
just because i am his sister!
my father is not even bothering me
why should i bother?
I am only 18
I am not his baby sitter

Sometimes i wonder!
I wonder why give birth to us
when u cant even control us.
My stupid fucking brother?
He has no brain
literally no brain
He don't have care from his parents
then still must make trouble for other ppl!

Anyway I've already warned him
if he fights 1 more time
or call his suckers friend to beat the shit out of ppl
1 more time
the first person to call police
will be me

So good at fighting
fight himself la
what for call his sucker friends to fight for him.
actually 1 of my ex manager wanted to call police
but my boss helped him
my boss is a good boss
wanted to help him gave him many chances
but he blew it!

he will have to pay...
for his actions...

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

at 6/17/2008 08:07:00 PM

Cool right? I think so too!
I'm in the cover page!
I'm indulged in self-deception -.-
But that's perfectl fine with u guys
time to get rolling!

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

Monday, June 16, 2008 at 6/16/2008 09:00:00 PM

So i blog again...
Suddenly i have so many pimples on my forehead
and my cheek!!

MUST be due to my hair extention.
I'm sad now.
Mine used to have nice complextion
is gone!!
This cant do
i am going to wash my face
3 times a day!

I just realised how lucky i am
Dearest gives me many freedom
and understand that i need to go out too.
He's a very reasonable guy.
Yet I am the 1 always throwing tantrum
when he couldn't meet me..

So yup
i will TRY to convince myself
to be more understanding
HOWEVER! no guarantee.
OH btw cant let him know i praise him
or he will get too cocky.

OK life's bored!
really !
I am becoming a boring person.
join superband!
I'll try harder!
BUT i normally say only
yet i have no perseverance
i said i wanna slim down for like
5138324789234034962492731 times.

ok stop here go bath now!

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

at 6/16/2008 10:52:00 AM

I changed my blogskin!
just like ME!!!

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

at 6/16/2008 09:26:00 AM

Well, It's been a long time since i
Blog about my personal life.
I can summarize it in 5 letters
that is BORED
basically I'm Bored to death
Because i Don't have MOney :(
So i have to be stuck at home.

The WORST thing is that
I cant meet jiayi and har har tml
Due to severe lack of money :(
Dearest is having his exam now.
I wish him luck :)
I haven see him for like DONKEY AGES!
Oh well actually it's only 5 days.

But that's what happen during honeymoon phases i guess.
I want to stick to him lke glue.
However I learnt that
r/s are like sand
held loosely and it will stay
If u grip too tightly
the sand will slip through your hole.

So i guess i SHOULD give him the right amt of freedom huh?
I wanna go out with THEM tml!!!
ok got to meet Fara, Ida, Jihan and Belin for proj
At least i get to go out and breathe some air yeah?

I'll stop here! TATA!

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

Random thoughts
Friday, June 13, 2008 at 6/13/2008 08:01:00 PM

It's time for some random thoughts again.
Sometimes i Wonder,
Are the blacks a better choice?
There's not a time
Where we are given a chance to
Because ALL the chances are
given to some one else.

Perhaps they are better?
This I'm not sure.
But I just don't understand why we are not
given the chance.
Because we are the minorities?
I hope not.

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

How to be confident?
at 6/13/2008 02:16:00 PM

I stumbled upon a girl's blog recently
She was saying that
It's easy for superstars and celebrities
to say be confidence.
BUT in reality it isn't
Those superstars and celebrities
already are pretty
BUT we aren't

Actually I think otherwise.
To be confidence is easy
BUT it's a matter of whether u WANT to or NOT.
IF I can do it
I don't see why u guys cant.
I am not a super stars nor celebrities
I am not pretty in fact i Am very FAT!
(the one at the right is me, I'm not lying when i say I'm fat)

So I have a few tricks to teach u all.
BUT whether u want to
listen it's up to u :)

if u heard others saying something bad abt u.
For example, ppl say I'm fat
I tell myself I'm pretty
so it doesn't matter that I'm fat :)
If ppl say Your boobs are small.
Tell yourself I have a nice ass.
God is fair.
When he gave u something bad,
He will give u something good too :)
If people say your legs too short,
Tell yourself I have a nice complexion.
Whatever good things u can think of
tell yourself.
Don't let your looks affect how u feel.
People say u are too boyish.
Tell yourself i have my soft side.
U must know your limits.
Somethings can be changed.
If ppl say there's something wrong with your attitude.
I think u need to reflect and think.
BUT if it's 1 person
maybe u don't need to care
BUT if EVERY1 say that pls do change.

Don't let others glance stop u from wearing
what u want.
If u are fat and u wanna wear sleveless
When ppl looked at u.
When ppl comment so fat still wear like that.
Most likely they are jealous that
u dare to wear and they don't.
If your legs are short
U wanna wear miniskirts
People looked at u
Because they are giving u attention :)
What matters is u are happy.
DON'T care about them
the most u are just making their eyes sore
It ain't bothering u :)
WORDS shouldn't hurt u unless u let them :)
If little comments can change ur mind
abt what u wanna wear and do
U will have a hard time living in this world.
so FUCK IT and rule your own world.

If u mind that ppl say u are too fat.
den DIET!!
If u mind ppl say your legs too short
Boobs too small
whatever it is
go for it!
Don't sit down there do nth
and u whine and whine
say u have low self esteem and all.
That's CRAP.
BUT if u choose the last option.
Cos ppl will still say things
no matter how pretty you've become.
So If u don't mind changing your whole life
den choose this option.
BUT i really pity u
Because u don't live for yourself
you live for others.
YOU will NEVER find long lasting happiness :)

Above are ways to become confident!
BUT seriously,
The way to be confident is
What is impt is u are happy :)
pls do dress appropriately.
Don't live in self deception.
U know u haven give your best by
dressing smartly.
and u still tell yourself u look good.
Then good luck to you!
Most important is dress smart and clean :)
If u need advice on how to dress
ask your friends
They will be willing to help :)
Good Luck in building your self confidence!

This can be appiled to anyone as long as u are human

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

What makes u a typical Singaporean?
Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 6/11/2008 04:33:00 PM

Ever wonder what makes u a typical singaporean?
Typical Singaporean are noRmally disliked
The behavior they potrayed
seriously damage singapore's image.
And I seriously despise them.
Because it's such a disgrace to be like them.
Below are a few types which are disgraceful.
If u fall into any 1
u are a typical Singaporean.
And if u fall in to ALL catogory.
pls do some soul searching.

1) KIASU types
These ppl are basically cheapo.
Take many plastic bags, Ketchup, chilli sauce etc..
The amount they take it makes u go WOW!
1 Macdonald meal take 20 packet of sauce.
Hmm.. They should just eat sauce.
Maybe they are planning to open a store -.-
Take all these like there's no tml.
What a lame ass.
And there's another type.
Those who rushes into the mrt
when ppl haven even alight!
and they start PUSHING u till u almost fall
or missed your stops to alight.
These ppl are so inconsiderate.
I think they are afraid that the mrt
door will close on them when they enter.
if the mrt door closes while they enter
I hope they squash these ppl
till they become roti prata!

These ppl always think that they are right.
And they complained over small little things.
If u see conflicts in public.
Most likely these ppl are
they think they are right types.
but for god sake la..
it takes 2 hands to clap.
conflict will NEVER start unless u allow it
so don't give the crap that it's not my fault

3) lastly UNREASONABLE types.
These ppl complained for the slightest reason.
service slightly slow
never give chilli
bus late
not enough toilet paper
Whatever they want must have
if not they will COMPLAIN
These ppl are such a nuisance

Actually these 3 points are interlinked.
If u fall under any 1 of the catergory
most prob u fall into all
If u fall into any 1
It's time to change.
Because u are not only pulling down singapore's image.
u spoil your own image.
If I were u.
I will not go out on the street.
So do some soul searching yeah?

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

deep inside...
Tuesday, June 10, 2008 at 6/10/2008 06:31:00 PM

I'm sad..
It's My fault.
I wasn't serious with attendance
Now i am not involve in an event.
Kinderland event.
I wanted to go so badly.
This is a selection course.
And Dorcas said since we haven got exams
she chose by attendance, behavior and punctuality.
So my attendance sucks
Well, maybe not sucks
BUT might be the worst in whole class.
IF my attendance was better
NOW I let my chance pass away.
I know this matter seems small.
BUT it is important to me
I don't want to give up any chance
Of interacting with children.
I should have been serious with my attendance.
now i ruined it all.
All i can hope for now is
that Dorcas can squeeze me in.
I am very disappointed and sad deep inside
I want to go T.T

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

Sense of accomplishment!!!!
Monday, June 9, 2008 at 6/09/2008 11:00:00 PM

OMG!!!! Finally!
I get to meet him!
Only 5 days never see
feels like years!
That's what happens on honeymoon period.
BUT long liao LOL!!!
Thank god he wasn't angry
BUT he made me sooo worried!
Actually I was the one making myself worried!
Met him and went to find mum
get back my hp!
And we ate dinner with him.
Bradley likes him :)
good sign!
My mum noticed it too..
make notes for Agnes lesson...
Feel a sense of accomplishment!
anyway I'm tired le!
lazy to update
waiting for him to call and off i go to sleep!

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

fucked up
Sunday, June 8, 2008 at 6/08/2008 09:51:00 PM

I'm feeling damn fucked up now...
I wanna strangle myself.
I left my phone at my mum hse.
and now i cant contact dearest
because his stupid sim card got prob.
and i abit scare he angry
cos I did something stupid.
Made him jealous-.-
Fuck sia.
Should not have started all these shit!
I hope he will call me though.
no mood to blog le.

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

How do u define LACK OF ATTENTION?
Friday, June 6, 2008 at 6/06/2008 10:20:00 PM

I stumbled across someone's blog recently.
He is saying that blogger who blog about
things like how to get more ppl to view their blog and stuff
Because they are NOT xia hue or kenny sia (whatever)
They are just lack of attention.

Xia Xue and whoever the guy is
are people that's LOA too.
No i should paraphrase.
They are attention seeker.
Just that they become famous.
They got the attention
so NO ONE is saying they LOA

In fact, in MY opinion,
Everyone is an attention seeker.
The only difference is How much attention u want.
Yes that includes me as well :)
And it's perfectly normal.
I don't think It's pathetic at all!
Because they wants attention in the positive ways :)
That's good!

You know what's pathetic?
Pathetic is when people get attention from HURTING.
Let me elaborate..
They get attention from hurting others and people around them.

Hurting other?
There are people who back stab others and hurt friends
around them.
People who uses nasty adjectives on others
and hurt others feeling.
People who uses methods UNSCRUPULOUS method
to get attention.
This is what i call pathetic.
YOU hurt others to get attention to yourself.
And some people might just die
because of your "unintentional" method.
OF COURSE these people seems weak.
BUT u aren't any better.
so yeah,
in order to get attention u hurt others
and MIGHT kill some1
Is it all worth it?
Think about it...

Hurting yourself?
This is also pathetic.
Some people cut themselves,
Steal, Rob, Kill, Misbehave, Indulge in self-pity
to get attention.
Of course people will give u attention at first
BUT it won last.
As time goes people will just ignore u
In fact, they will think that u are being annoying.
AND i seriously DESPISE people who indulge in self-pity.
They go around telling people
about how BIG their problem is.
BLOGGING how their life sucks?
oh please!
Some of your problems are just PEANUT
compared to others.
EVERYONE has their own problems.
so what makes u think your life is the worst?
why should people even pity u?
or give u the attention.
Of course!
I am not saying u cant grumble abt life
and how life sucks.
I do that too!
BUT after all grumbling
pick up your pieces and continue your way.

You know how fortunate some of you guys are?
u have love from family.
so Don't say your life sucks no 1 care about u
because there are people who do.
Of course some people are not so fortunate.
They don't have family love.
because I don't have too.
so learn to LOVE yourself.
Let me tell you,
If u are NOT going to LOVE yourself
NO ONE else EVER will.
So WAKE UP from your emo world!
and STOP being pathetic.
because in the end NO ONE will give u the kind of attention u want

PEOPLE will either start hating u
and dislike u.
If u want attention do it in the positive way. :)
think abt it.

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

Disappointment all over...
at 6/06/2008 10:03:00 PM

I don't know what to say.
Let's just start with today's journey.
Quite boring though.
Went to teach Bradley today.
AND seriously his math is terrible.
need to work hard teaching him.
BUT i'm glad i have two person to experiment on :)
Definitely more fortunate den some ppl in class :))
Didn't go out with dearest today
Since he needs to study.
MUM said dearest is handsome!
AND she said that in photo we look matching
BUT real life BUANG!
cos i'm fat!
Thanks ar!
BUT i'm still happy!
Cos mum friend say i am pretty.
just need to slim down
BUT oh well,
fat still pretty so nvm :X

There's some things concerning me for a period of time
I think it's time to spurt it all out!
I really really WONDER
Am I a member of SCC?
People may say yes of course u are!
BUT seriously i feel so left out.
In forum many things doesn't include my name.
It seems so trival.
because If i am not mentioned
who will look for me to sing or write song for them?
I am not considered alumni
not member
then tell me..
what am I?
I once asked some 1 if i am still considered a member of scc?
That person said yes.
Aand i WAS so HAPPY!
cos I can aim for performance!
make effort to go scc for most session.
I DON'T have to work so hard u know?
make myself so tired.
and yet i have no cca points for attendance
BUT i want to do it!
That's because i want to play a part as a member.
And i want to get into concert fair and square.
BUT now I am starting to doubt.
Because I don't see me as a member.
NOT even an alumni.
I guess i am just invisible.
Some1 going there for show..
don't tell me I am a member.
SHOW me i am one of you guys.
actions speaks louder than words.
And no, I am not angry
I am just so utterly Disappointed.

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

Random thoughts
Wednesday, June 4, 2008 at 6/04/2008 11:54:00 PM

Like I was saying.
We went lunching with ms dorcas.
And we did talk about blog.
Ms Dorcas asked a very good question.
even though i HAVE been pondering about it for
like duh! DONKEY ages!
BUT i always forget to tell u guys.

Dorcas: Why do u guys always scold ppl
in blog?'
And I was guilty.
Because I used to HATE ppl saying bad things
abt others on blog.
IN FACT I despise them.
BUT i am now making the same mistake.
I may find excuse for myself
saying i just wanna vent anger.
BUT i am so wrong.
I wanted to let that person know my discomfort
and unhappiness.
If u guys notice,
I NEVER put initial of the person at all
UNLESS i hate u!
and that means WAR!
That's because i just want that person to know.
If u fit perfectly in my discription.
then THAT's YOU!
However, I must say!
Some times i wrote this stuff is to let u guys know what type of person I am.
If i hate u. yeah that's it!
You know if let say i am unhappy with don or cy? (example only)
I will write in blog.
Cos we are quite close
but not best friends nor VERY close friends yet.
I don have the courage to tell them straight in the face.
IF they are ppl i don care abt.
haha normally i just fuck it and spat all out.
so yeah.
I really should change!
i shouldn't use blog
because it is quite a lowly act.
BUT i will still continue using blog to
say abt ppl i DISLIKE!
to let u guys know
what type of ppl they are!
read at your own risk :)
you might disagree but yeah!
it's just my view
You don't have to accept it :)

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

100th POST!!!
at 6/04/2008 11:31:00 PM

I HAVE so MANY things to say!!!
11.30 pm now..
Damn tired.
I just came back home..
I finished school at 12 and now den back home!
POWER right?

Anyway today i went to school and was in Dorcas class.
Dorcas: KWEK SHAN YUN!!!
Dorcas: KWEK SHAN YUN!!!
Me: YEAH! I'm here!
Dorcas: this is for ur exam. if address is correct sign here.
(I proceeded to sign my form)
Dorcas: Why never come yesterday?
(silent and smile)
Dorcas: went out with bf right?
Me: no la i overslept.
Dorcas: OVERSLEPT! so many ppl overslept!
Monday night u guys went to rob bank?
(proceeded back to seat)
Lesson started...
School end early since there wasn't SnW
So went to have lunch with ms Dorcas.
And we start Gossiping
and saying things We don't like about Singaporeans at MRT.
*roll eyes*
That's the way typical singaporean behave.
quarrel over stupid things , kiasu, ALL the unglam side u see.
Oh well,
FUCK it!
not my prob anyway.
And i went to my aunt house to hold tuition!
A book regarding parent's guide on a child
I took it!
Quite interesting anyway!
OK i did something super sweet today!
Dearest must be so touched!
I went to Toa pa yoh to fetch him today
Without his knowledge.
However i didn't know he has to rush a proj
so i waited for him for 3 hrs.
and note!
I DID NOT sms him to hurry :)
i waited patiently for him.
i really HAVE to SALUTE myself.
I can be such a GOOD girlfriend if i want to HAHA!
He was so touched that he kept smiling
And HELD my hand sooO sooO tight!
And he sent me home! since i waited so long for him
now he's on his way home. :(
poor him again.
That's all abt today!
I will tell u my thoughts as another post :)
THIS post is too LENGTHY!!!
To dearest,
seriously many times i am tempted to call u
However i didn't
because i know u are in your midst of your projects
And i really DO NOT want to disturb u
hence causing u to find me a nuisance.
And also, I want u to view me as
an independent yet sweet gf :)
I want to be some 1 that u will think of
and missed after breaking :)

Life is a song and I'll play for you.

The quiz i took
Tuesday, June 3, 2008 at 6/03/2008 12:12:00 PM

My hidden talent:
You have a cheerful personality and you are a naturally kind person. Your hidden talent isn't really that hidden at all: you shine among a crowd. You would make an ideal news announcer, flight attendant or model - any position that would give you an opportunity to deal with plenty of people. A tip for you is to avoid getting too deeply involved in others' personal lives - otherwise you might find yourself constantly being asked for help. (true!!)

How do I behave when in love:
You could be heading for trouble if you don't loosen up just a little bit. Don't be so suspicious of him. He did have a life before he met you. You are too pessimistic about your relationship, and this could, ironically, be the reason that it will eventually end. Cut him some slack, and you'll find he comes back to you of his own accord anyway.
(oh~~~ So true I am some 1 with wild imagination paranoid over little stuff. Hope i don scare him off)

What's on Your mind:
You think money and love are equally important. You have an interest in many things in life, and work hard to ensure that you maintain a healthy balance between work, play and love. However, you tend to be unable to decide on what you really want to do with your life. You wouldn't dream of leaving your loved one for one or two million dollars, but you would have to reconsider if the offer rose to 100 million dollars.

Your fave ice cream flavour:
You are a sensitive person and often find yourself daydreaming about your past and future. You are quite conservative and the values that your parents and teachers instilled in you still play an important part in your decision making.
(not really.. but oh well? Fuck it!)

The colour of your car:
Peaceful, just and reasoned are the best words to describe you. Friends often come to you for advice when they have problems. You love to make people laugh and gain happiness simply by being surrounded by smiling faces and the sound of laughter.
(yeah! u happy! I'm happy!)

Get to know yourself better:


Your view on yourself:

You are intelligent, honest and sweet. You are friendly to everybody and don't like conflict. Because you're so cheerful and fun people are naturally attracted to you and like to talk to you.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You are a true romantic. When you are in love, you will do anything and everything to keep your love true.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:

You like to flirt and behave seductively. The opposite sex finds this very attractive, and that's why you'll always have admirers hanging off your arms. But how serious are you about choosing someone to be in a relationship with?

Your views on education

You may not like to study but you have many practical ideas. You listen to your own instincts and tend to follow your heart, so you will probably end up with an unusual job.

The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:

You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:

You are afraid of having no one to rely on in times of trouble. You don't ever want to be unable to take care of yourself. Independence is important to you.

Who is your true self:

You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.


Life is a song and I'll play for you.

Sunday, June 1, 2008 at 6/01/2008 11:55:00 PM

I REALLY ought to reflect!
I am SUPPOSED to trust him
BUT i ended up suspecting him
Being paranoid because he didn't answer phone
perhaps being single for so long
I've 4gotten how 2 love.
How to be independent
How to give each other freedom.
And my imagination starts going wild
and he's just sick.
I need to promise myself that i will not stick to him so much
I SHOULD be independent
I know it takes time
BUT i will try my best.
Cos I wanna be your best gf :)
Thanks for meeting me even though u are sick
U don have to do that
but u insisted
and i appreciate that! :)

I finished Ms Dorcas Assignment!!!
First time in my teenage years i finished assignment
FIVE days before deadline!!!
Was asking don where should I go to observe kids
and he said national museum
AND it was a FRUITFUL observation!!!
Went to the museum,
a couple gave me and dearest their tickets.
So lucky right?
And after the observations we went to the history hall
it was not so bad at first.
but after sometime my stomach started growling
and it became BORING!!!
before i went in to the history hall i designed this
the one with hat :)

The one without hat :)
Nice right? I know it is nice! haha!
After that went mac to eat
and study at the same time
Dearest really can concentrate!
I gave up halfway and went to buy food.
BUT he is such a slow poke
do so slow!
I ended up finished faster then him and I began to

He still doesn't budge after I disturb him! *poutz*

ALRIGHT! I gave up! *white flag*
Wait for him to finish his hw
then he test me on Petrina's test tml
We went arcade after that
then went back home.
Poor him he's still in train cos he send me back to
pasir ris first.
That's all bout it for today! pretty tired le!

Life is a song and I'll play for you.