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100th POST!!!
Wednesday, June 4, 2008 at 6/04/2008 11:31:00 PM

I HAVE so MANY things to say!!!
11.30 pm now..
Damn tired.
I just came back home..
I finished school at 12 and now den back home!
POWER right?

Anyway today i went to school and was in Dorcas class.
Dorcas: KWEK SHAN YUN!!!
Dorcas: KWEK SHAN YUN!!!
Me: YEAH! I'm here!
Dorcas: this is for ur exam. if address is correct sign here.
(I proceeded to sign my form)
Dorcas: Why never come yesterday?
(silent and smile)
Dorcas: went out with bf right?
Me: no la i overslept.
Dorcas: OVERSLEPT! so many ppl overslept!
Monday night u guys went to rob bank?
(proceeded back to seat)
Lesson started...
School end early since there wasn't SnW
So went to have lunch with ms Dorcas.
And we start Gossiping
and saying things We don't like about Singaporeans at MRT.
*roll eyes*
That's the way typical singaporean behave.
quarrel over stupid things , kiasu, ALL the unglam side u see.
Oh well,
FUCK it!
not my prob anyway.
And i went to my aunt house to hold tuition!
A book regarding parent's guide on a child
I took it!
Quite interesting anyway!
OK i did something super sweet today!
Dearest must be so touched!
I went to Toa pa yoh to fetch him today
Without his knowledge.
However i didn't know he has to rush a proj
so i waited for him for 3 hrs.
and note!
I DID NOT sms him to hurry :)
i waited patiently for him.
i really HAVE to SALUTE myself.
I can be such a GOOD girlfriend if i want to HAHA!
He was so touched that he kept smiling
And HELD my hand sooO sooO tight!
And he sent me home! since i waited so long for him
now he's on his way home. :(
poor him again.
That's all abt today!
I will tell u my thoughts as another post :)
THIS post is too LENGTHY!!!
To dearest,
seriously many times i am tempted to call u
However i didn't
because i know u are in your midst of your projects
And i really DO NOT want to disturb u
hence causing u to find me a nuisance.
And also, I want u to view me as
an independent yet sweet gf :)
I want to be some 1 that u will think of
and missed after breaking :)

Life is a song and I'll play for you.