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Saturday, June 28, 2008 at 6/28/2008 09:27:00 PM

Hey thanks ar..
I have to do this quiz because of jiayi
ok here goes..

1. Have you ever loved someone?
I'm not really sure now. Maybe i like them ant but not to the
extent of love i guess?

2. Who is more important to you? friends or bf?
Definitely friends. Because Bf only stick around for sometime. BUT if u asked me husband then it'll be a diff case.

3. Who are the people you trust the most?
Seriously I don't trust them with ever single thing. BUT The people i trust ALOT are Jia yi and Annie

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
Yup! So much that i wonder did i have too much confident? But it's better then none :) So i decided to fuck it what matters is I'm happy :)

5. What do you think of YOURSELF?
I'm fine as who i am. Just need to go slimmer and be less straight forward and more tactful with words and bla bla bla. So much more. Like they say one always ask for more. but am happy with the way i am now :)

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
I believe :) BUT provided there's sunsine. Same goes for you guys. Whenever u see storm in you :) Tell yourself that there will be rainbow if there is sunshine in you :)

7. What is your goal for this year?
SLIM DOWN!!!! And last long with dearest. Clear ALL my debts :(

8. Do you believe in eternal love?
*shake heads* There's only lust. Love is something to be build up and take care of eternally. That is what they call eternal love. BAKA!

9. What feeling do you love the most?
short and sweet :)

10. What are the requirements of your the other half?
Haha. It's hard and I shan't eloborate. Love me like i want him to :)

11. List the best moments in your life.
Secondary school days are the best. easily contented :)

12. What do you hate most?
Not sure? Don't reall have anthing to hate right now.
I'm an angel LOL

13. Between love and money?
I want both! YES I'm greedy!

14. What’s the most attractive things about a person to you?
Sincereity! It's the best thing ever!

15. Describe the person who tagged you using 5 words.
Tan Jia yi aka Ikana can be so HORNY, IRRITATING, THOUGHTFUL somehow INSENSITIVE when u know him long enough at times and GOOD LISTENER and most importantly! He's my BEST FRIEND EVER!!!!

16. Who can you not live without?
My friends. My family. My future husband.

17.If you have one wish now, what would you wish for?
richer and slimmer when i wake up tml.

18.What do you want most for your birthday.

19. Have I kept pets before?
Guppies, Goldfish,Hamster and bird

20. Do you believe in dreams come true?
Ya, provided it's realistic and u worked towards it!

Instructions: Remove 1 ques from above and add in your personal ques.
Make a total of 20 ques and tag 8 ppl.
List them out at the end of your post.
Notify them in your cbox!Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all

Question I removed;


Huimin add on…
What will you do if the life u’ve always wished for doesnt turn out the way u want it?

My answer: Sleep and wake up.

Xu Ping add on…
To what extend are you willing to do in order to get your loved ones love you?
My answer: Die. And its "extent" not "extend".

Naidatul Nadzirah bte Razali Abdullah Rahman add on...
What do you think of ponies?
They are earth's clever little genetic way of making an alternative choice of horses for children. No, I think they're cute.

Ikana add on...
Could you ever stop loving someone?

Avier add on...

If You and your loved ones were caught by alien or whatever and some 1 MUST die so that the other can survive what will you do?

I will want to die before him Because i cant bear the thought to be sad. At least he can be released and move on. I am not so sure abt me even though i seem strong.

8 people I am tagging:
1. Don Don
2. Hui Hui
3. Chin Yee
4. Mei Har
5. Zi Qin
6. Julee
7. Mas
8.Anyone that reads this.

Life is a song and I'll play for you.