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Wednesday, July 30, 2008 at 7/30/2008 05:21:00 AM



It's 5.30 in the morning
I didn't sleep well
My tears are drying soon
yes i cried again
because of him again
BUT this time i really cant take it
what have i done to deserve that?
I did my utter best to be a good gf
to trust him
BUT what i received was cold treatment from him.

He went MIA last night.
Although I am worried
i couldn't sleep
BUT i didn't cry
i try m very best to push everything behind.
by 4 plus i saw him online
but his phone is still off
I msn him he didn't reply
I have to beg him to reply me
and when he does reply guess what?

He: I am not in a good mood
hence no mood to talk or sms
Me: Is it because of me?
He: NO
He: It's my friend.
Me: Then what did i do to deserve this treatment?
Me: even if u were so stress at least tell me
He:sorry I am not a gd bf
Me: NO i am sorry
Me: sorry for the fact that to you i am such a nuiscance
Me: so much so that even u cant just send a messsge
to tell me you need some time alone.
Me: Sorry I portray such image
Me: I won disturb you again..

It continues on..
He tried persuading me
BUT guess what?
At 4 plus he told me he's tired and wanna sleep
ask me to get some sleep
4 plus? when i start preparing school at 5
It's fine with me
all i ask for is to hear his voice
Just before he sleep
BUT he rejected me
He tell me he is sorry
but yet this is the treatment i received..
why can't he just spare me 1 min
1 min to just hear his voice?

No i am not angry..
I am just so heart broken
it's like a few hours ago he just said he love me
and 7 plus he just said he will sms me when he reach home
and 8 plus?he went MIA.
And the reason being is he is stress and no mood to talk
and he don bother smsing me to inform me!
my heart ache
it ache so much..
now it make me wonder
what am i to him?
Is it because i am fat ?
That's y he feels that
he can treat me this way..

This is what i get for loving you
i dunno what else to say anymore..
I really don't..
don't tell me you love me or you're sorry


Life is a song and I'll play for you.