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Monday, July 28, 2008 at 7/28/2008 05:25:00 PM

I have a joke of the day to tell you today
and I am that joker
quite a stupid joker indeed..

Went to Elias mall to check
the price of lamination service
and do some personal stuff after that
soon later i proceeded home
And from far i saw this bus with green tag stated town link
and 35-
i cant see the last number clearly
and i got up the bus
since this bus had no T
i did not alight at interchange
and to my horror
I discovered that it is 359 when it went to
it's destination to pick up passengers

and due to my ego
i did not have the gut to ring the bell and get down
so i went along and pretend that i wanted to take this bus.
LUCKILY for me that this bus only travels in
pasir ris
so i alight somewhere where there is bus
for me to bused back home
I am supposedly able to reach home by 4 plus
because of this mistake
only got to reached home at 5 plus..

When i reached home
I smell durian!
OMG a long time since I've eaten durian
and it was DELICIOUS!

OK i need to say something
Today i offended some 1
either she's angry or sad i dunno
but yeah i apologise for the staightforwardness
but I did not regret what i say
I am really pissed with you
but not to the extend of angry
But don't I have the right to be angry?
If u really did a good job
and maybe I shouldnt complain
but so far u keep forgetting your things
yes i understand
ppl do forget
and you do have other things to worry abt
but we also have other things to worry abt
if we can do it
den i don see why u can't..
Anyway I just wanna be truthful to you
I don't want to tell you i am not pissed with you
end up i tell ppl i am pissed with you.
which is worst?
Of course if u prefer me to not tell you my true feeling
I can just jolly well shut up
but then
That's not what frien do
If i do that I am just being a two headed snake.

Once again sorry to hurt your feeling

Life is a song and I'll play for you.