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Friday, August 15, 2008 at 8/15/2008 08:38:00 PM

Hmmm didn't went to school today.
Chinn Yee asked me if i'm really sick
I think i really pon too much le
now i told them i sick they don't believe

From yesterday afternoon my throat has been aching
den when i reached home at night
I was very tired
and i told chinn yee I will be sick soon
since we were having some conference on the phone.

Then today i woke up
i was so lertagic
my head was so heavy and my throat hurts.
so i message Belinda and told her
I will not be attending school

my tag board is infested with spammer
And the spammer is so off.
Like as if doing this will pissed me off
When i see it i am like
so childish.
That's why i decided to leave it there
to let u guys see the childishness.
to make things even funnier is
the spammer like all other spammers
do not dare to leave their name down.
*shake head*
By doing all these it it not reflecting badly on me
it just reflects badly on u :)

I am so happy!
Recently Hai ming have been treating me
like a princess
making me laugh
and trying his best to reply me asap
I'm really happy that he's trying to change
even though I don't know the reason
BUT am still happy :)

I still rmb on Wednesday i went to my cousin house
to teach tuition
i asked him why he haven reply?
Is he busy?
He : sorry dear busy with sending the presentation
email to my teammates my laptop is lagging
I just finished
now I'm bathing and smsing you
Me: LOL it's ok as long as u reply it's fine
He : Ya cos I wanna try my best to reply you asap
Me:I am so touched!! I wanna cry le ( trying to be sacarstic)
He: lol ok la.. Trying my best to love u as much as i can ma

I don't know what medicine he took
but it sure makes me fly to the sky.

ya Met up with him yesterday
He came to my hse to use com
since his lappy batt went low
and yeah he was introduced as my "proj mate"
After he finished I sent him down and bidded good bye..
and oh god I miss him:(

Tml MIGHT be going out with main to pub
with mich and few others to
celebrate her birthday.
I just hope I am well enough to celebrate with her :)


Life is a song and I'll play for you.