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Saturday, August 23, 2008 at 8/23/2008 08:01:00 PM

utterly disappointed..

Yes I'm angry
But disappointment came in
and my heart cringe when I think of what u say.

No need to argue over these
no matter what I won't go her house since i lost her address
so no need to say so much..

no need to say so much
I was lost for words.
at that time fury filled my head
and I simply repiled
yeah, you're right
I don't need to say so much
it's not my problem anyway..

After that u started walking very fast
and since both of us are angry
i chose to walk behind you
and sms with hai ming
and the next moment when i raise my head
you're gone.

So i assumed you went back home..

By the time I received your sms
asking if I was on my way home
if yes you shall go back home.
I was already at terminal 2
Since you explained that you did not disappear
you just went to interchange to check for buses
why didn't u call in the first place?
Why don't u call me once u saw me missing?

It was my first time to terminal 3
so I took quite some time to find the bus interchange there
I linger around and I stayed there for at least 5 mins
You need more den 5 mins to realise I'm missing?
If you are angry to call
then at least sms me ask me where am I?
I kept looking at my phone
what took you so long to sms?

Seriously I would have come back to the airport
If you would just ask
But u just said nvm then
since it's ok with u
I don't think I should say anything else.

I just wanna let you know that
if I don't care
I don't have to say anything
I don't have to argue with u
It's not my money
not my prob
I can jolly well keep quiet
It's not as if by saying something
and you get your money back
you would give me 50% commission
I can jolly well shut my mouth and 4get abt it
But the fact that I told you all that
was because I CARE!
and when u said no nedd to say so much
i was speechless..
I don't need your apology
nor do i need you to talk to me nicely
But I just need you to know
I treated you like a real friend
When others will just say why u have this type of friend
I chose to argue with you
because i truly want you to get your money back

seriously I'm disappointed..
maybe i should just mind my own business after all
so sorry to ruin your day
If I know things were gonna turn out this way
I would just shut the fuck up
Then at least i won't be disappointed..

Yes you're right
I don't have to say that much..

Life is a song and I'll play for you.