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Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 8/26/2008 06:03:00 PM

Was actually looking forward to school today
Because of the SPEC
But oh well
when i reached school i just realized
how naive i was.
Disappointment filled it
I asked Belinda whether the SPEC was cancelled
She say no
they don't care already
maybe Dorcas class ba -.-

I was like wth...
Sian half..
What for agreeing to something?
when the purpose is to put up a show?
Isn't that ridiculous?
and to think that I really really thought
I could use this opportunity to
strengthen the way I speak -.-

Oh well...
Putting that aside
I didn't went to school yesterday
I wanted to go to school for half day
just to take Ms Petrina's test
But my fever went up to as high as 38.2
So I went back to sleep and see a doctor in the late morning

I am now considering whether to have my tonsil remove
Because The doctor says that
My tonsil is very big
That's the reason why i always get sore throat
Follow by flu cough and fever
the doctor failed her job
I asked her whether i still can sing?
she ans every operation had it's risk
so what does that mean?
will i lose my voice?
and she didn't told me about the amount i have to pay
if i went for the operation

My throats hurt like hell now :(
I cannot even talk
and when i talk OMG!
I'm using a lot of effort
and when i swallow!
I rather die :(
I think i got throat infection

stupid tonsil
why do u need to grow so big!

Life is a song and I'll play for you.