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Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 9/11/2008 11:01:00 PM

my mood wasn't at tip top condition today
Sometimes I just wished he fuck off
I know I'm being mean
BUT i don hate him
BUT I'm seriously angry with him

I mean after you MIA
den jolly well MIA all the way
If you want me to forget you!
den don bother to reply me?
he replied me in sms saying that
he was very busy
and whatever it is
but seriously i don care
a promise is a promise
and when u had broke your promise
you've broken it
If you are stress over exam aren't I?
what gives you that big fuck attitude to not reply me?
and when i have exam
you hurt me just 1 week b4 exam
did i ever complain?
And don tell me you are too busy
that you cant even reply 1 sms which will take
less than 5 min

And nvm when i logged in msn
i saw his offline msg
and again how sorry he is
and things like forget me this unfaithful guy
I'm so sorry
If you are sorry
you won repeat the same old thing again
broken promises
And I was actually sad at first
because i wonder did i really go overboard
by expecting you to keep your promise
even though we aren't bf/gf

BUT than i think about it again
I have the right
because it's a promise
and if you break it
yes it just shows what i am to you
and sadly to say
i'm just trash
so yeah
like i say in my blog
when i first started with you
if you treat me like trash I should just fuck it

and yeah right now I've decided
so if u ever wanna help me
maybe you should just go away once and for all
Because I've decided to let you go

and Thanks fara
you really really help me
by giving that encouragement
thank you so much
I will never forget that

im not gonna ask anything
but im just tellin you,there is beauty in a woman
whose confidence comes from
who knows she can fall,
pick herself up, and go on.
i believe you own that beauty:)
i knw this will sound so friggin awkward bt avier,
if he doesnt love you.
icbs love you.
if he treats you like a trash,
we treat you like our princess:)
take care.

Yes And Like I always say
If no 1 loves me
I will love myself
BUT I have many who loves me
I'll be fine and move on
And I swear that 1 day
1 day I will look into his eyes
and say
I've move on and I'm glad I did

Life is a song and I'll play for you.