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Saturday, October 4, 2008 at 10/04/2008 06:51:00 AM

See this! haha
So healthy! Fish cake!
veggies and egg!!! YUMMY!!!

OK! It's 6.50 am
I'm eating my maggie mee while I Blogged!
I'm famished!!!
can u imagine?
I slept from 5.30 pm Intending to take a nap yesterday
to this morning 4.30 am?
After I woke up
I was still wondering why I woke up so early
And I played Human Pet and surf the net
as usual..

Until like 1 hr ago I finally remembered I slept at 5.30 pm
And At 6.30 am
I'm very hungry So cooked my self a meal
and started to blog as I eat
Wanna share a few things!!!

Remember the day b4 yesterday?
we were supposed to meet up with the big shots
and it's like I made a fool!!!!
Cos I was late!
so when I reached the bus interchange 410 came
BUT the problem was there was 2 410
1 white 1 green
White 1 reaches our school first!
otherwise it will go 1 big round and i only reached school after half an hour!
And I saw the bus with white top and green bottom
I figured that is the "white bus"
And I took it!
And While I'm on the bus
I saw CY and Don taking their own sweet time walking to school
and ALAS!
The bus took a diff route!
And I realised!
I took the WRONG bus!!!!

And that moment all I had in mind was WTF!!!!
I called CY
and Realised They have already reached the school!
So I RUSHED all the way to school
and suddenly they were all laughing -.-
No need to guess
Cy told me we were laughing about you
and our course manager was in there!
So embarassing!!!

Anyway It all went well
I think
So the decision lies on them
BUT we all did well

I'm so excited talking about this!!!
Yeow ann was online that night!!!
and I talked to him!!!!
and he replied me!!!!
so happy!!! ^^

AND CY helped me to check out something!!!
He's single!!!! YAY!!!!
This means I might stand a chance!!!
BUT maybe not
cos Singaporean guys typical!
FAT= no hope!!!!
so sad :(
I so pretty
only fat ma!!!
ok whatever!
anyway I'm damn happy talking to him la
even though it's short
but who cares!!!
can't wait to talk to him again!!!

OK I need to get back to my meal!

Life is a song and I'll play for you.