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Monday, November 3, 2008 at 11/03/2008 09:41:00 PM

Actually I have nothing much to blog about
But today There's an incident
which I really really couldn't accept
We were having PE
As usual, broke up into groups and played captain's ball
But I was really pissed off

I'm Pissed off not because I lost
yes I agree that some people in our class
are rougher
However that's not an excuse for you to push people
or pull people's hand while playing

I mean if you pull people's hand
and that person realise it at least
the injury inflicted on that person is not so big
Today while Donovan was jumping to hit the ball away
a girl kept pushing him
once or twice still ok
But everytime???

I'm angry not because
she pushed donovan and we would lose
I don mind losing
I may be very serious in a game
or an activity because to me
If i were to lose
i wanna lose beautifully
not lose without making an effort
BUT I woudn't be angry just because I lost a game
I have been to numerous games and matches
when I was in Primary school and Secondary school
If i still cannot handle losing
I've failed in living .

BUT what I'm most angry and concern about is
The foul moves that she'd made
True that it is just a game
BUT does that gives you the right to push?
I am concern about Donovan
because while he's jumping
his state of mind doesn't prepare and tells him
that some one will be pushing him
the sudden force may cause him to lose his balance and fall
falling is not so bad
but what if he hurt his back?
and couldn't walk???

You're not a sport person
you might think I'm exaggerating
But I have friends who couldn't play sport
because of a simple foul move
imagine some one who loves sport
couldn't play sport because of your ignorance?

If you love something and I took it away from you
at the least expected scenario
how will you feel???
It's just a game
there's no need to resort to pushing and pulling
please think about it

Especially people out there!
anyone who play sport
or do other things
if you wanna win or excel
do in uprightly !

Life is a song and I'll play for you.