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Saturday, December 13, 2008 at 12/13/2008 02:41:00 PM

Now About Yesterday's mini celebration.
we had a small gift exchange like I said
and this is what I've received :)
Additional presents

An Eco bag
2 sided

Another 1 was a chocolate bar
It was delicious!!! Not a Singapore chocolate
You know why there's no picture right?
because it is inside my fat stomach! lol yummy!!!

was rather touched to receive those present
because it's unexpected and really sweet of them
even fara's present :)
because she told me that she didn't see me wear a necklace b4 that's why she bought it
for me
Awww~~~ *touched*

Took some photos with class mates & my lecturers during & after celebration
both very pretty lecturer! I swear!

I look so fat but cute here lol

Ms Dorcas, a very elegant lady at first glance
after that hmmm lol her true colours are out!

Ms Pearl, my lecturer and married at the age of only 23!!!
she's my role model!
I wanna be like her! haha

After that was Interact Club
we held an event in the auditorium
and all I can say is everything cropped up
There is supposed to be a bus fetching the old folks by 2 pm
and reached school at 3 pm
AND they have to wait for another bus !
they only reached school at 4.30 pm
so everything have to be cut short :(

And I performed
I FORGOT my lyrics!!! ahhh~~
But the old folks are very very sweet :)
After i sang I went to join a bunch of uncle
cos I am supposed to sit in an empty seats with them
to take photos
then as they were getting ready

Me: Uncles I sing nice or not?
Uncles : NICE!!!
Me: really? i 4got my lyrics :( too nervous (actually too tired)
Uncles: never mind Still very nice!
1 particular uncle damn nice he said happy can already
come here happy can liao
nice or not nice nvm :)
Then 1 aunty come telling me That I have a nice voice
So happy!!!!

and the best thing is No one complained or grumble
for waiting so long for the bus
They told us that they understand it's not our fault
i was so touched
because it just shows that
all your effort and kindness are not forgotten
they don scold you or complained just because of 1 event
they remembered that we helped them and they appreciated it :)

And I feel really happy :)

Overall!!! I'm happy!!!

shan wei, eileen, me, kay, shihui on kay's lap
The rest I have to wait for shihui to load in her blog haha

And my blessing this year?
It is getting into ITE
I get to do many things and learned many things I've never learned before
and the best thing is
I don't have to learn through hard lessons
This is the first time in my life
I know what I want
and I am working towards it
This is also the most fruitful year of my entire life so far :)
Because i Get to fill up people's bucket
and that makes me happy :)

Life is a song and I'll play for you.