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BEWARE! super long post!!!
Tuesday, May 19, 2009 at 5/19/2009 11:26:00 PM

I have so many things to update today
Firstly, another 30 mins and
it'll be my birthday so I shall wish my self an advance
haha i feel so 自闭

Ok Let me update about last week first
we had a picnic!!!
it's in one of our module
outdoor learning and so picnic is one of them
sometimes i just love early childhood sooo much!!!
How often do u get a picnic as a lesson?
so we all bought food!!!

I like this pic! credits to asqiah! hehe

Yum yum! eating time!
Midst of eating took pictures again!
I'm like finally taller den her!
But it's only once in a life time thing! T.T
Continue to eat again! hoho~
see the girl beside me? she's added in my mean girls list recently
don't be deceived by her cute looks!
haha but i still love u didi just like u love me :x

This is where we end off our day!
with ABCD and I
cool right??? hehe
next up! show u one cute little monster!
why do hamster likes to sleep in this position? it's temporaily mine!!! since Lay har bought it even though she gt blocked nose -.- and her mum don't allow her to keep haha
ok last event of the day! I went to GYM today!!! omg I feel so happy!!! I jogged and cycle but I must say i am a mountain beetle!!! I don't know how to use like most of the equipments there!!! anyone who always frequent gym? please go with me? just for a day and teach me I'll be grateful to you i promise! so tagged me yeah! and friends who wanna gym??? we can do it on alt Fri!!! text me!! hoho

ok with this i shall end my post~~~

Life is a song and I'll play for you.