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Bleated Birthday clebration 30/5/09 PHOTOS FLOODED!
Sunday, May 31, 2009 at 5/31/2009 06:29:00 PM

My belated birthday celebration with 2 special
and crazy ones :)

Pressie! Pt 1 , Pt2 and Pt 3

Pt 1 Panties - supposedly they wanna make
it into bouquet of flowers
which they failed badly *chuckles*

The only normal panty
This is super sheer!
This too!
I was telling them.
If i were to wear these to seduce my husband
I think the people I'll think of during sex will be them
and they couldn't stop laughing
This looks normal right?
But on closer look!
The front
The back
But it's a very special present i love it!
Pt 2
My album hahah! in the centre! love that!
and they got lenka album for me~
lastly, horoscope book about other man
went MOF for lunch
best 5 shots of the day

The winner goes to!!!!

After that went to shop around and decided to take neo print.
b4 neo print the must go place is
and we camwhored there :x

Then walk around some more
den it's dinner time
and it's pt 3 time
My cake!!!!

and there goes!

I enjoyed my celebration alot!
And i can't tell you how much i love you guys
Though I don say this often
But I love you guys.
Life would be so dull without u 2!
and not forgetting our horny talks!

Life is a song and I'll play for you.