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Loaded with Photos again !!!!
Thursday, May 28, 2009 at 5/28/2009 06:06:00 PM

I Love you guys :)
The best friends I could ever have!
let's hope that 10 years down the road we're
still having fun together like this :)

This rascal here will be called chewie from now on!
Since he's always chewing on his cage
he really needs a bigger cage!
otherwise he's going to suffer from brain damage!
btw he's getting so close to me
that i don't want to give him away anymore! T.T

Ok enough of all this blabbering!
Met main and annie on Tues!
Went to buddies hoardies for dinner!
The food there is delicious!
And had hell lots of fun!
seriously girls, I missed u all so much!
It's been a long time since I'm that happy!
I cannot wait to see u all soon!

Supposed to make an ugly face!
But since shermain cheated I cheated too!
And poor Annie
The only one that stick through it!
And we couldn't stop lauging because of how ugly she is
in this pic!
She's so going to kill me :x

I seriously love this 2 pic below

See how much they love me?
Let's see what we become 10 years down the road :)
would we stay or change?
I had no idea
But what i'm sure is I love you 2 to bits
and I won't know what to do without you girls around :)

Life is a song and I'll play for you.